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Decorating for the Free-willed

Thank you for entertaining thoughts that I have formulated about the nature of decorating your living space.

In my forty five years as a house painter, I have experienced a boggling array of decorating situations..each one with its unique challenges and many with surprising solutions. Some of my projects have flopped miserably; but most have culminated into attractively artistic results.

Still, the common demoninator to the undertaking of a decorating project [success or failure or in between] doesn't have much to do with brushes and drop cloths or even paint. It is an attribute of the spirit. It is the "letting go" of concerns about what might be, and the embracing of an attitude that puts us face to face with the process of physically changing our environment.

And so, there invariably comes a moment as we thumb through magazines, or drive through neighborhoods or lie sleepless in bed trying to visualize what we want to achieve, when a vision appears so clear that we are convinced that it is time to take action.

Which probably explains why you have come to our website. It is time to change your environment, and you are looking for a helping hand.

Our next blog will look at the mechanics behind a successful decorating game plan.


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