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Perennial Painters painted this house at 519 S. Main Street Belvidere IL in 2008 with eleven colors. In 2009, it received the award for "most beautiful detail in a Victorian house" presented as part of the Chicago Coatings' annual Painted Ladies Contest.

The owners had moved back from South Africa to claim this magnificent edifice after they learned that a body shop adjacent to the property was planning to raze it in order to expand their parking lot! [Does a certain Joni Mitchell tune come to mind?]

But the gal of the house had other plans for her grandparents' house where she had spent numerous summers while growing up. And when it came to choosing colors for the grand old Lady, she didn't rein in her imagination.

We are honored and grateful to be part of such an inspiring story.

When the couple who had recently purchased this stucco colonial nestled on Camp Av Rockford IL, in the charming Churchill Grove neighborhood, called on Perennial Painters for an exterior paint bid, they looked upon their new house as a blank canvas. But after several discussions about color choices and combinations, we could only agree that the color scheme they settled on was not only uniquely attractive, but fit them both of them to a "T".

During the past 3 decades, we re-painted the house a couple more times; but there was never any discussion as to what the colors should be. It is as if this house had finally found the look that it always desired; and now there was no need for change.


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When Perennial Painters first approached this house in the Edgewater neighborhood of Rockford IL in 1992, it had just been sandblasted, and the owners couldn't find a painting contractor who was willing to deal with the stucco damage and severely pocked woodwork. But we not only welcome a challenge like this; we thrive on it.

After a couple weeks of arduous sanding and meticulous stucco repair, we opened the cans of primer and paint ...and the fun began.

All that intense effort happened over 23 years ago, and except for a few isolated repairs and re-paints, the house looks today as it did back then.

By the way...we were, consequently, invited indoors there where we have decorated virtually every room.

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Sitting prominently at the intersection of State and Madison in downtown Rockford IL, this grand old building originally housed the first YMCA in Rockford. Today, the  renovated interior of the East Side Centre features offices and a contemporary conference center. In 2008, when Perennial Painters learned that it hadn't been painted in over 30 years, they prepared for the worst. And sure enough, what they found were scores of double-hung windows painted shut, failed and/or missing window glaze in virtually every window, trim and casement wood marginalized or downright rotten, and a metal dome, with an advanced state of  rusting, that cried out for a coating. Challenging their expertise in logistics, the building took the Perennial Painters to task. Scaffolding was erected, booms were acquired, and ladders were shimmed to bring the crew face to face with all those issues in need of remediation. Fortunately, their steadast efforts transformed this icon of historical architecture from a blighted eyesore back to a stunning, original landmark; and seminally contributed to the local effort to re-vitalize Rockford's urban district.

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