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That place which we call "home" is, most certainly, more than a physical shelter. It comes to embody our spirits, and, reflects, therefore, our very natures.  Perennial Painters honor that truth, and work respectfully with customers to help them create an envoronment that is uniquely attractive.

1842 National Av Rockford IL



No place in the decorating milieu demands greater attention to detail than the inside of one's home; we are daily surrounded by the same walls and ceilings, and can't help but absorb their influences. We eagerly invite the challenges of interior work..wallcoverings, faux finishes, texturing, etc..and will not step out of the door until all parties [including us] are satisfied with the end results.



As exterior painters, we have an unwavering respect for the, ofttimes, abusive power of Mother Nature. She can wreak havoc upon the surfaces that enclose our dwellings; making our job of protecting those surfaces a formidable task. But we have at our disposal an arsenal of tools, the most durable coatings on the market and, most importantly, a well-spring of elbow grease to effect a protection for your house that is, at once, beautiful and long-lived.[above: 1842 National Av Rockford IL]

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