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Winter Decorating Special

O, how I and my Perennial Painters pine over those pre-911 winters when interior decorating was all the rage, and our coffers were overflowing! Our cold days back then were consumed with colorizing walls, enameling woodwork, wallpapering hither and fro, and faux finishing virtually everything in sight; all in the warm and cozy confines of our appreciative customers.

But as the Great Era of Disposable Income fell down in a horrible cloud of dust, so did the robust activity that kept winters accomodating to our trade.

We are grateful, to be sure, for our continuing exterior painting season in Rockford and environs; for one cannot neglect coating the outside of a house which provides critical protection. Still, decorating the interior of one's house is not necessarily an existential practice; previous coatings are not going peel away due to environmental conditions. With the exception of, let's say, water and fire damage, altering the appearance of a home's interior ofttimes reflects the homeowner's capricious desire to be surrounded by different colors. And more often than not, caprice falls way down on the budgetary list of necessary investments.

Consider all of the above, overly-wordy explanation to be a prelude to an invitation to enjoy the discounts on our services that we extend every year about this time.

All decorating projects contracted between now and the end of March will be discounted 15%.

In addition to the standard painting practices [walls, ceilings, woodwork], we continue to offer wallcoverings [removal and/or installation], an array of faux finishes, drywall/plaster installation and/or repair, woodwork refinishing/staining, and wall/ceiling texturing.

If you are interested in getting a free bid, please use the form on our website.

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