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Hang Mike Pence!

Forgive me, Mr. Pence, for the four years of slurs

And condescending prattle that I hurled at you,

As you sat behind the Dangerous Dufus

With, what I thought was, stoic acquiescence.

I called you a "Puppet", I called you an "Ass-kisser",

I mocked your references to the Good Book.

I joined my sarcastic clique in ridiculing you, Mike,

As being a Ken Doll in Donald's Gang of Cynics.

But, now, I eat the crow that you put so graciously on my plate!

And that nearly-cherubic face of yours

Gazes at me with a patently Buddha intensity.

I shudder now with humbling appreciation knowing

That for four years you patiently endured the delirious whims

And daily insults that spewed forth from your Boss.

You went about your job, not with blind obedience,

But with the sure awareness that January 6th lie ahead.

You are now, to me, the epitome of courage

In a time filled to the brim with sniveling cowards, like myself.

Thank you, Mike Pence; I honor you and your path of righteousness.


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