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Many of the houses that we paint, like this one at 642 N. 1st Street in Rockford IL, need more attention than just a coating on the surface. And when we have ladders or planks or scaffolds accessing the necessary logistical areas on the building, we are often asked to perform tasks that may or may not be related to the trade called "painting."

Thus, over the years, we have mastered a number of "ancillary" services that we now make available along with our usual decorating offerings.

Because we have established a network that includes a number of other tradesmen..plasterers, carpenters, masons, siding and gutter installers..we can confidently include an increasingly expansive array of services to our repertoire .

Perennial Ancillary Services

  • Basement cleaning and/or painting

  • Cabinet re-finishing/painting

  • Ceiling and/or wall texturing

  • Custom carpentry..built-in bookcases, moldings, etc.

  • Deck restoration/rebuilds

  • Double-hung window weights repair

  • Drywall/plaster/stucco repair

  • Faux finishes

  • Fence pressure washing/repair/staining

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Hardwood floor cleaning/re-finishing

  • Replacement window/door installation

  • Snow removal

  • Wallpaper removal and/or installation

  • Woodwork staining/enameling

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