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Let Us Paint Your House!            


For nearly 40 years, the Perennial Painters have been enhancing the exteriors and interiors of homes in and around Rockford IL. If you are in the market for a decorating business whose reputation precedes it, then you need to look no further.

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Our Vision  

To achieve dynamic results in decorating, you need to roll up your sleeves and sharpen your focus. We put the emphasis on where it belongs...preparation. Without it, the project is doomed to short-lived success.

The house that we painted [above and to the right] at 338 S. Prospect St Rockford IL was featured in the Spring '07 edition of Benjamin Moore's internationally-distributed journal, PROFILES.

Color Choice  

We all have a unique palette imbedded in our DNA... the trick in choosing the "right" colors for a personal project is to practice visualizing the end result. We can help you narrow your choices by offering you an array of attractive color schemes and showing you other related projects where the color choices have created beautiful results.

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